Elijah and Elisha - Mosaic

Mosaic panel "Elijah and Elisha"
The dining room "Shilo" on the roof is decorated with a huge mosaic wall.
The source of inspiration for this mosaic was the story set forth in the Second Book of Kings, in Chapter 2. It tells of how Elijah, one of Israel's favorite prophets, ascended in a chariot of fire to heaven, and Elisha, who watched this scene, accepts his robe and with her - his heroic spirit.
As the Bible says, Elijah, knowing that he will be taken to heaven, tries to part with Elisha, but he refuses to leave him. Elisha repeatedly states: "The Lord lives, and your soul lives."
Finally, Elijah asks Elisha what he wants, and Elisha replies: "The spirit that is in you, let it be doubly upon me."
The artist depicts Elisha, who watches Elijah tensely and eagerly waits for his spirit to descend upon him. In the background, we see a mantle floating above the quiet waters of the Jordan. Elisha's face, on the contrary, is calm and peaceful, while he lifts himself up to the sky, looking at God.