Isaac and Rebecca

This picture was drawn by Baruch Maayan, she is shown in the lobby of the hotel and tells the love story of Isaac and Rebekah.

In the picture to the left, Isaac, the son of Abraham, meets Rebekah, who is going to become his wife, and then the mother of Jacob and Esau. In the picture to the right, Rebekah laid the veil over her face, waiting for the groom.

And Isaac came from Beer-lahai-swarm, for he lived in the midday land.
At the approach of the evening, Isaac went out into the field to reflect, and lifted up his eyes, and saw: behold, the camels are coming.
Rebekah looked, and saw Isaac, and descended from the camel.
And she said to the slave: who is this man who walks across the field to meet us? The servant said: This is my lord. And she took the veil and covered herself.
(Genesis 24: 62-65)