Joseph the Dreamer

 These pictures about the Joseph-dreamer decorate the conference hall "Heaven's Gate".
The artist reflected the highest moment in the life of Joseph, when his dreams come true. Joseph's dreams are pictured at the top of the picture, in the lower part - dreams that Joseph interpreted to prisoners when he was in an Egyptian prison.


Often people who look at the picture can not understand what kind of a Biblical hero we are talking about, and this is not surprising, for even the brothers of Joseph did not recognize him, since he appeared before them as the ruler of Egypt, a stranger.
When the brothers come to Joseph and bow down before him, then in fact his dreams come true, which he saw in his youth. Joseph told his brothers about dreams, but they rejected and hated him.
Everything happened in accordance with the plan of the Lord - to save the sons of Israel from the great famine. The Torah narrates that it is not the first time the people of Israel have rejected their great savior. Even Moses is not accepted at first, but then he becomes the greatest savior in the history of the people of Israel.

In the paintings on the right and left, the artist painted two dreams of Joseph.
In the upper part of the picture we see his first dream, the action of which takes place on earth: the sheaves of his brothers fell prostrate before the sheaf of Joseph. And in the lower part the dream of a prisoner who was a baker by the pharaoh is depicted, and, interpreting his dream, Joseph predicted his death.
On the left we see plots of two more dreams. In the upper part, a dream is depicted, the events of which occur in the sky: the sun, the moon and 11 stars, bent before Joseph. In the lower part of the picture we see the cupbearer's dream, and this dream, proceeding from the interpretations of Joseph, predicted that he would remain alive.

The artist recreated the poetic connection between wheat and bread, earth and death, on the one hand, and on the other - between heaven and wine worship.
Perhaps, that is why in the Jewish tradition the main dish of any festive and Sabbath meal is wine and bread.