In the conference room "Heaven's Gate" is a series of paintings depicting scenes from the life of Jacob.
In the central picture, the artist captures the highest moment in Jacob's life - his famous dream of a ladder.
To the right are three paintings depicting the events that took place with Jacob in his father's house before this dream, and three pictures on the left side narrate about the events that occurred in his house after sleeping about the stairs.

Scenes from the life of Jacob are placed from right to left.
Jacob and Esau.
Esau sells his birthright.
Isaac blesses Jacob.
Sleep of Jacob.
The fight of Jacob with the angel.
Jacob weeps over the clothes of Joseph.
Jacob blesses the 12 tribes

As the Bible tells us, on the way to Haran, Jacob lay down to rest and saw in the dream a ladder connecting the earth and the sky, angels scurried up and down it. In a dream, God appeared to Jacob. God promised Jacob the land on which he lay, and protection on the road. Wake up, Jacob was agitated by his dream and called this place "Beit El" (Bethel) - the House of God. According to some interpretations, this place was the same as today is the Temple Mount.
At this point, Jacob met the Lord and received the blessing that he went through all his life.
The artist painted scenes from the life of Jacob - and what an amazing life it was!
Jacob lived 147 years and said: "The days of my life are short and unhappy." Indeed, it was not easy for Jacob.
He deceived his father to receive the blessing of the Lord.
He ran away from his brother, who was trying to kill him.
I was forced to leave my mother's house at a young age.
He was deceived by his father-in-law, who forced him to work for himself for 14 years, to give him two of his daughters.
His sons grew rivals, as their mothers constantly competed because of the love of Jacob.
The eldest son slept with one of Jacob's women.
Two other sons of revenge carved out the whole village.
Abuse his only daughter.
The son of Judah persuaded his brother to earn money, sold into the bondage of Joseph - the beloved son of Jacob.
For a long time, Jacob mourned for his son Joseph, thinking that he was dead. The sons lied to him for all those years.
And yet God blessed him and gave him the name Israel.
As a result of life's vicissitudes, he became the ancestor of the people of Israel, who is struggling with adversity to this day, but God's blessing protects him.